Revolutionize Your Energy Storage with Our Sodium Batteries

Advantages of Sodium Batteries

The Greenest Battery

Sourced from abundant natural materials.


Longevity on Par with Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Working Voltage

Broad range of 8V-16V.
Safe with lead-acid/lithium chargers without damage.

Maximum Safety

Zero fire or explosion risks.

Charging Temperature

Charges at -20°C without any internal heater.

Energy Density

Currently 30-50% heavier than LiFePO4, but we're just getting started 😉​

Charger Compatibility

Wide voltage operation means compatibility with many chargers.

Deep Discharge

Can be fully discharged to zero volts without damage.

Low/High Temperature Performance

Exceptional performance at both high and low temperatures.



Italian Warranty

Expert Analysis, Repair, or Replacement for Your Sodium Battery

Custom Battery Solutions and Consultation Services

We offer custom battery solutions tailored to your needs, along with expert consultation to ensure optimal performance.

Beyond the Sale: Dedicated Support for Your Peace of Mind

Our dedicated team provides comprehensive after-sales support.

Efficient and Reliable Sodium Batteries

Experience the power of our efficient and reliable sodium batteries, designed to meet your energy needs.


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Crafted with Italian Excellence, Empowered by Partnerships

Venture into the essence of our brand, where each innovation is a symphony of Italian craftsmanship and pioneering technology.
Celebrated for our LiFePO4 batteries with an 11-year warranty and our trailblazing sodium batteries, our story is enriched by our distinguished sponsors and partners.
At the heart of our mission to redefine energy storage with Italian ingenuity are our cherished partnerships.
Our network, featuring esteemed ambassadors and influencers, spans beyond 1 million followers, each echoing the superior quality and innovation of our battery solutions.
From the robustness of our LiFePO4 batteries backed by an 11-year warranty to the eco-friendly promise of our sodium batteries, every step forward is a testament to collaborative excellence.

Discover how we're powering the future, one battery at a time.

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